The Basics About 7 Keto Dhea

7 Keto Dhea is a supplement formed by dehydroepiandrosterone which mimics the original DHEA produced by the glands near your kidney. The original DHEA that is produced in the body is a parent hormone that can help or aid in weight loss, body mass, muscle production, immune boost, memory enhancement, and even aging.

Some studies also showed significant effects on depression treatments, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. But, unlike the original DHEA produced by the body, this supplement is not converted into steroid hormones like androgen and estrogen which are most commonly needed for reproduction purposes.

Precautions and safety

Even though 7 Keto Dhea started its commercial sales back in 1998 there is still not enough information available to assure its safe use. So, it is better to consult your physician first before trying it out. Also for Pregnant and lactating mothers, to stay on the safe side you may want to avoid using it without consulting your doctor.


  1. Weight Loss

A lot of people have testified the effects of 7 keto DHEA for weight loss. Much better result of weight loss can be achieved through proper workout and diet along with it.

  1. Muscle Build up

7 keto DHEA also promotes muscle building and this is actually significant after the weight loss and much more planned workout.

  1. Enhancing Memory

As people age, many hormones and body substance are reduced. One of them is the memory enhancing hormones. Through 7 keto DHEA, it can help your brain establish stronger memory retention.

To find out more details about the 7 keto DHEA purposes and dosage you can look for more articles and reviews about it or you may just look for KS website and discover more things about 7 ketos dhea.