The 3 Ultimate Guest Etiquette For The Big Football Game!

The big game football was played in late 1892 between the California football bears and California University in Berkeley. It is considered as one of the best rivalry game between the college youngsters in golden years. This game has typical rules that it must be played in Berkley only and within November and December season.

The strategy is to build a high competition and substitute the match accordingly. It was played every year, and the latest record of this game is 1 December 2018. The winning team will get the trophy as a Stanford Axe. According to a research, one of the largest victories was in 2013 which was also held in Stanford.

Representing the 3 ultimate guest etiquette for the big football game:

Here, I am throwing the 3 ultimate guest etiquette for the big football game for you, which is mentioned below as:

  • Be punctual:

it is very important for an individual to acknowledge the importance of time management. Therefore, the important key aspect is to be punctual and arrive on time as not too early and not too late. Despite of this, if you interested in judi online of football then you can easily earn money just by visiting .

  • Do not enter without a gift:

always bring something with you as it doesn’t look decent if you visit without any gift. Bring towels, appetizers and any useful thing along with you.

  • Do not over eat or drink:

you will found this, indulging but it over eating and consuming food as well as drinks looks that you are too hungry.

Lastly, it is very important for you to keep this thing in mind. Always take the meal in less quantity so that you can also focus on other things.