Steps To Learn Stripping And Crimping Of Wires

In order to connect the electrical wires, electrical connectors are needed. Another way of connecting the wires to other electrical parts is crimping. It protects the cables that are with exposed ends as it may cause a current. The form of striptang is to remove the insulators that are at the end of the wire, and this can be done with a wire stripper. It is easy to strip and crimp the wires as you need to follow some steps for this.

Let us know some of the steps that are included in stripping and crimping wires which are as follows:

  1. Find the cut in the wire strippers behind the hinge as it will form a circular hole. You need to open the wire strippers and place the wire in between the handles and then close the strippers.
  2. Handle the closed stripper and drag the extended ending of the wire. After this, you will find a metal wire that is uncovered.
  3. Then use the crimp connector and put the wire in the hole of the crimp connector. By using the crime connector, no wiring is left uncovered.
  4. Now for crimping, you need to dull the crimpers over which you want a crimp.
  5. After blunting, constrict the crimper and then crimp it at a 90-degree angle.
  6. Again check that the wire and the connectors are holding each other tightly and then you can check the bond between the two.
  7. If the bond is proper, then the wire should not be pulled out of the connector.

Final saying

The steps mentioned above will help you learn how to strip and crimp wires. You can easily do it alone as it needs some hand strength to compress the crimper.