Real Estate Video Marketing: Essential Steps To Make It Work

In today’s marketing scene, pretty much anything right now needs a strong and attractive presence to entice their target audience. From fancy shampoo commercial and upcoming game’s trailers to commercials and billboards, the product image is the prime “bait” to garnet possible consumers for their product. Thus, this is also true if you are a real estate broker or someone who sells real estate properties. Having an image of your product, in this case, the property is essential so that your customer can have a preview of the property itself. You can either have an album of all the pictures of the property taken, or the best one, create a video about the property itself.

How To Make A Compelling Video

For you to captivate your prospected buyers, later on, it is essential to capture every aspect of the property on video. Do you have a Jacuzzi installed on its main bedroom bathroom? Add it on the video. Does the property, or house have a great view of the sunset on its balcony?

Feature it!

Remember, also add the other amenities included in the property too and get it all on video. Also, include the location too and the kind of lifestyle that is themed for the property too.


In making the video, also keep in mind the budget you have for it and tailor and plan your video within that limitation. Make your video as human as possible too. Thus, you are not just selling a property; you are an experience of sales also. Emotions usually sway People’s decision, so take advantage of this note.


Selling a property does not need to be complicated or extravagant. What is important is that it can capture the heart and interest of the sellers as well as to give them transparent info about the property too. Just check those videos made by the Puerto Viejo real estate, surely you can learn a thing or two with their awesome videos.