PUBG Mobile: What Is Tier Protection?

Ever played Battle Royale type of games? If you have and if you enjoyed them, then you must be playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. If not, then it’s time you should. It’s popularly known as PUBG and has been available on mobile for quite some time now letting players enjoy this anywhere on the go.

So what makes this game so appealing? It’s the challenge in surviving until the end of the game with over a hundred players joining you at the same time. You have nothing with you when you start the game and that’s what makes it so interesting because you’re finding ways how to survive and defeat everyone by picking up items along the way. The gameplay is known to last up to half an hour.

Recently, PUBG Mobile released an update known as Tier Protection which many has been wondering what it is. Will it help you in the game and are there any PUBG hacks for it?

Tier Protection

One thing to know about this game is that it has a rank system. Depending on the amount of placements and kills, your points will vary. Your points get deducted as well when you’re out of the match too fast.

Tier Protection helps you in a way that it allows you a buffer before the game takes away your points. For instance, when you die in a game and you belong in the ACE tier, points get deducted which leaves you below the tier. But with Tier Protection, you can still have time to work back up the rank again before they apply the deductions. So in the end, you don’t lose too many points since you’re working it all back again. 

Where can you apply Tier Protection?

The Tier Protection is only applicable for Squad and Duos Modes. That may probably be the sole reason why you can’t spot that banner all the time.

There are no hacks for Tier Protection and it’s best you shouldn’t be looking for them or else you’ll get kicked out from the game. For now, enjoy PUBG Mobile with its latest update.