Natural And Safe Ways To Deal With Weeds In Your Garden

If you have a garden or a lawn at your home, then you’re aware of how difficult it is to keep your plants from being overrun by weeds. You can try hand-digging them out every day but it will prove to be quite challenging in the long run. On the other hand, most commercially available chemicals to kill weeds tend to be harmful to you and your family.

Fortunately, there are natural and safer ways to address these concerns. Given the right materials and resources, you can actually make a DIY weed killer at home that is as effective as those available in most gardening shops but is safe to use.

Here are some of the best organic and natural weed killers for your gardening woes.

  • Boiling water

Plain, boiling word sometimes is enough to do the trick. This is perfect for areas you want to re-plant later. Just pour boiling, hot water over those pesky weeds and watch them slowly die away. Some may take more than one pouring but eventually, it will get the job done. For added efficacy, you can try adding a tablespoon of salt.

  • Landscape Fabrics

Rolling out landscape fabrics is actually more of a preventive measure. These will block out sunlight to the soil and prevent weeds to take root and grow, but it’s porous enough to allow water and air to pass through for nourishment of your plants.

  • Mulch

Laying down mulch over your garden soil can suffocate weeds and prevent them from germinating weeds all over your garden. You can actually use this together with landscape fabrics for a more effective weed-killing action. Just be careful in using mulch and keep it away from your lawn as they can also kill your grass.

  • Rock salt

Sprinkle rock salt over your paths to kill off and prevent weeds from growing out on lawn edgings. This will also make a good weed barrier on places where lawn mowers are just ineffective. Be careful though, as table salt can erode concrete surfaces and may leave you soil unfertile for some time.