Adventure games have been one of the more popular genres in the gaming industry. It’s history dates as far back as the start of video games itself, with text adventure pioneering the way to more advanced video games. With the increase in popularity of online multiplayer games and judi online terpopuler, adventure video games have taken a backseat I the past couple of years.

But adventure games have not totally disappeared, and as the demand for single player adventure games steadily rises, so does the release of high-quality adventure games in popular consoles and platforms. Here are some of the current-gen adventure games worth playing.

Detroit: Become Human

When it was first announced, Detroit: Become Human made quite a stir with its compelling story plot, game mechanics, and stunning visuals. It received mostly positive review from players and game critics when it was released, and is considered to be on the best game in the adventure game genre.

Night in the Woods

            Night in the Woods is hailed by the critics as one a great addition in the adventure game genre with its compelling and moving story. It’s unique art style and unique characters, along with exceptional writing and character development, makes this game an instant hint in the adventure gaming world.

Life is Strange

            Life is Strange feature a hyper-realistic storyline and gameplay that blew away the entire gaming industry. While the storyline itself makes Life is Strange an exceptional adventure game, the addition of time travel mechanics adds a whole layer of dimension in the game’s playability. Add that to the captivating setting the game is set in, Life is Strange is considered a breakthrough in the gaming industry.

Until Dawn

            Much like Detroit: Become Human, there were high expectations from Until Dawn when it was announced, what with the huge budget behind it. The game ended delivering to its claims, with the game featuring high-quality visuals, laudable soundtrack and some of the best voice and acting performances in a game. Until Dawn provided a captivating, horror experience and is a must-play for all adventure game fans.