Golf Attire Of Summer And Winter For Males And Females

After joining the golf club and getting the club set, you need to now learn about the dress code. Golfers require having proper attire for playing golf, but people often get confused about what to wear in summer and winter days in uniform. Some golf clubs offer dress code for the golfers and this need to buy the best golf club and to get the complete guide on how to buy the best golf club you can visit

Let us know the golf attire for males and females of summer and winter which are as follows:-

The attire of summer for males and females

  • Men need to wear a collared polo T-shirt. You must take care that t-shirt must not contain a vast logo and also select the t-shirt of synthetic material as it allows the sweat to get evaporated.
  • Shorts that need to be of neutral shades and a pair of shoes depending on the comfort level of yours.
  • For females, get a t-shirt with a collar, and also you can use sleeveless tops of bright colors.
  • In bottoms, you can use skirts or shorts that have a stretchy fabric and are comfortable too.
  • You can also wear a hat or a cap in the hot weather.

The attire of winters for males and females

  • For males and females, you need to wear a long sleeved collar t-shirt, and you can also wear a layer of clothing.
  • You can wear long trousers that are comfortable and will protect you in cold weather.
  • You can also wear jackets or raincoats on rainy days and a pair of shoes that can be worn anywhere.

Lastly, the above mentioned is the traditional attire of summer and winter for both males and females; it is better to have a dress code and play with rules too.