Brawl Stars: Tips for Unlocking Big Boxes and Getting Star Tokens

If you love playing online games on your mobile, Brawl Stars is one interesting game to watch out for. This game is free to play and you have access to lots of loot and rewards to collect. You can win gems and Star Tokens which are then used to unlock Big Boxes. Normal tokens are used to unlock Brawl Boxes. Big Boxes contain 3 times more items than Brawl Boxes.

Coins and gems are the currencies you need in the game. Gems are premium currencies and have high demands. You may wonderhow to get free gems in brawl stars no human verification, however it might not be possible. Gems need to be procured just like coins in Brawl Stars.

How to unlock Big Boxes?

Big boxes offer higher values of points on opening than Brawl Boxes. Big Boxes can only be opened with the help of Star Tokens. Star Tokens are rare and each Big Box costs 10 Star Tokens to open. These purple boxes can contain rare Brawlers which might not be available in regular blue boxes.

Tips to Get Star Tokens

As mentioned previously, Big Boxes can only be opened with Star Tokens. You can win these rare Star Tokens in any or all of the following ways:

  • Win a 3v3 event (Heist or Gem Grab)
  • Gain a place in the top 4 in a Solo Showdown Event
  • Gain a place in the top 2 in a Duo Showdown Event.

A distinct icon in the top left corner of an event indicates that you get to win a Star Token on winning the event. An event can take up to 24 hours to refresh, and you can win a Star Token again on completing it. Collecting 10 Star Tokens can be time-taking, but they are very well worth it.