Boost Your Marketing Campaign With Instagram Nametags

Nametags have made it easier to find an account or profile on Instagram. Often times, it’s challenging to find a profile if you are not sure of the spelling or if the profile name carries abbreviations, dots, underscores etc. But, with Nametags, users will just have to scan the nametag code to view a profile immediately. There is no need to type anything on search bar. But to make your niche scan your nametag, you should market it properly before them. Here are some expert tips to boost your marketing campaign with these nametags.

Customize Nametag

Don’t just settle with the default nametag that you get when you create your profile. You must take time out to customize it in line with the vibes of your brand. You will find 3 options to customize your nametag’s background- emoji, selfie and color. So, for example, you can color up the backdrop with shades that match your brand logo. In regards to emoji, find a symbol that can echo your industry.

Share the nametag

If you want use Instagram to leverage your marketing campaign, you have to put serious efforts into increasing audience engagement. You have to make your branding tools visible to your niche to drive up the engagement. A good idea to increase engagement is to buy instagram comments that will raise the popularity quotient of your posts and popular posts enjoy high visibility. Sharing the nametag will be another great way to increase the visibility of your brand and Instagram profile. How to share your nametag? Here is a list to follow-

  • Showcase it in your offline store so that your visiting customers can scan it immediately and visit your Instagram profile
  • Display it in trade shows or any related events where you have opportunities to meet potential networking partners and clients/customers
  • Display it on video boards of conferences

You should also make sure to provide nametag scanning instructions next to your nametag display.