A Quick Guide To Convert Tiff Files To Pdf Files

Tiff files are getting popular day by day, not just among artists but in general too. These tiff files are however not supported in all devices and this along with many other issues is a reason one might want to convert Tiff files into a PDF file or batch convert tiff to pdf.

It can be achieved by few simple steps:

Step 1

Get tiff to pdf converter for chrome. It’s a free add-on and very useful. Here is the link that will lead you to the page.

You should see a page like this,

Step 2

Click on the add to chrome button. This will add this addon to your chrome. Once you click on the button a prompt will ask you if you want this addon, just click on “Add extension”.

Step 3

Just like it was simple to add this addon it will be simple to convert the tiff file to pdf file. After the addon is added a link should open in new tab.

Look at the picture below.

Now just click on the “convert TIFF to PDF” button at the center of the screen.


After clicking that button, a window should have popped up. Just navigate to your file there and click on it. Once the file is selected, click on the open button.

You should see something like this