4 Best Free Gantt Chart Tools For Desktop

Don’t have enough time to prepare a Gantt Chart for your upcoming project? Well, you can still get to use a one. Wondering how could you make that possible? Downloading Gantt chart maker software is the answer to your question.

There are no charges applicable as all the tools come for free. Here are some information of 4 Best free Gantt chart tools for desktop that you can find online which will make your job easier to handle.

  1. GanttProject– This is a standalone software and also the highest rated Gantt software available online. It is a perfect software solution for your project management. It is available for free in all operating systems. The features available on this software are- task management, generation of PERT charts, creation and comparison of timelines etc. It can also set milestones for you to complete your work.
  2. TeamGantt– This software is also a highly acclaimed Gantt tool maker software. Not only does it help you to manage task but also allows you to view them in different formats. One of the best parts about this software is that it enables users to customise the view, for example- as per date or time. It helps you to track the workload and progress of your team mates. Moreover, the software extends an overview of the planned and actual timeline. And yes, up to 3 work spaces are available for free.
  3. RedBooth– It is an upcoming software. The software has an interactive interface which makes it easy to use. The best features of this software are- task management, project templates, provide team workspaces, and provide productivity reports. Besides, up to 2 work spaces available for free with 2 GB of file storage space.
  4. Bitrix24– This software stands out from the rest easily , courtesy its excellent communication tools available for team collaboration. The best features of this software are- its instant in-built messenger and availability of voice and video calls. It allows usage for 12 users with 5 GB online storage.