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Top 3 Apps You Can Get For Kindle Fire

Have you just got a Kindle Fire? Oh boy, that’s just so cool! No wonder, you are now looking forward to liven it up with apps. So, what would be the top apps for your Kindle Fire? Would these be the same pc app options that you have got for your computer? Well, the post below offers insights on the best apps you can have for your Kindle Fire.


Do you hate missing out on your favorite TV shows when you are away from home? Now, that’s bad and most of online media streaming sites usually demand hefty membership fees. But don’t worry, you can solve both the problems with Crackle. It’s a fantastic Fire app which is available completely free of cost. It is bustling with a huge gallery of TV shows and movies which you can watch with free membership. You can easily install it in your Fire so that you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies anytime- regardless of your location.


Are you planning to carry your Fire on your upcoming trip? Well, then, you must be clicking good lot of pictures for your social media albums. And this is where BeFunky will be your absolute buddy. It’s a free Fire app which is designed for cutting-edge photo editing and collage making. With BeFunky in your Fire, you will be able to easily touch-up your trip photos on your Fire only before uploading them on social media. The app is rich in advanced features and photo effects to ensure a professional-looking photo editing.

Malwarebytes Security

Your Kindle Fire app list is never complete without a powerful security app and Malwarebytes Security will come to your rescue here. The app is able to scan all kinds of possible spyware, Trojans as well as illicit codes right from your text messages. It can automatically detect potential security vulnerabilities and gets updated automatically.