Benefits of Drinking Beer

A beer night is certainly alluring given the amazing bouquet of fun memories it evokes. But apart from the fun factor, this beloved alcoholic beverage has also proven to do wonders to health. The post below sheds light on the awesome benefits of drinking beer.

Prevents risks of kidney stones

Beers are rich in beneficial phytochemicals that help to enhance kidney health. A recent study has found that people who drink beer (moderately) have 41% less chance of developing kidney stones compared to those who don’t drink.

Reduces bad cholesterol

Beer contains soluble fiber which can reduce bad cholesterol in the body big time. The said fiber also aids in promotion of good cholesterol and healthy blood-sugar.

Strengthens bones

Beer comes with high proportion of silicone- the same component that increases the strength of bones. Thus, beer helps a lot to strengthen bones and prevent related diseases like osteoporosis.

Amazing stress buster

Now, this one is a no-brainer. Needless to mention, your weekends are hardly complete without a beer night after a long tiring week. Yes, beer has shown to reduce work-related anxiety and stress big time.

What’s there in a beer night if you don’t have your buddies around? So, call up your gang and get set for a cool beer party with personalized beer labels for each beer bottle. Beer labels can be personalized with the names of your friends. They will be thrilled to see their own names glowing in joy on their favorite beer bottles.

Beer is a fantastic drink in almost every aspect. But then again, while drinking beer is fine that doesn’t mean you will go overboard. The results could be extremely damaging. Stick to moderate drinking to enjoy the most of your favorite beer and your health. Women should not have more than 1 glass of beer a day and men should not go over 2 glasses a day.